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La newsletter élaborée par notre agence SEO vous permet d'en' apprendre plus sur l'indexation' des pages par Google mais aussi sur les bonnes techniques permettant de bien référencer un site sans être pénalisé par Google et les autres moteurs de recherche.
Drupal A CMS platform for great digital experiences.
All About Drupal 8. Watch the Full Video. Who Uses Drupal? Sites by industry. 2900, sites on Drupal. Global giant Pfizer runs thousands of sites and digital experiences on a Drupal-based platform selected for its ability to serve Pfizer's' vast family of businesses, brands and products around the world.
Drupal Themes from ThemeForest. Menu-Dropdown. Menu. Cart_reverse. Cart. Person. Hamburger. Search. List. Grid. Chevron-Down. Chevron Up. Chevron Left. Chevron Left. Chevron Up. Chevron Up. Chevron Ri
Tags: Drupal 8, agency, article, blog, business, creative, multi-purpose, portfolio, project. Last updated: 28 Mar 19. Preview Tags: Drupal 8 Theme, Drupal8, blog, business, clean, corporate, creative, design, drupal, minimal, modern, personal, portfolio, professional, responsive See all tags. Nation One multi pages Drupal 8 theme.
Redirection http vers https: tous les codes sont là! Apache, nginx.
Redirection HTTPS sur Prestashop. Pour rediriger automatiquement en HTTPS les URL dun site sous Prestashop, suivez ce tuto en anglais. Redirection HTTPS sur Drupal. Idem: pour faire une redirection automatique HTTPS dun site sous Drupal, suivez ce tuto en anglais.
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Common Drupal Problems Solutions Included Chromatic.
If youre working on a Drupal 8 site and you get the message The" provided host name is not valid for this server, youre not alone. This is a result of a feature added to Drupal 8 to protect against HTTP Host Header attacks.
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réinitialisez votre mot de passe. Leader de la formation Drupal en France! 10 ans d'expérience, 15 cursus de formations sur Drupal 7 8, formations éligibles au CPF, 8 certifications reconnues par la CNCP, référencé DataDock, partenaire de nombreux acteurs majeurs du numérique en France.
D8: How to move from HTTP to HTTPS when site completely built?
ressa commented 20 October 2017 at 0903.: Your htaccess looks a little different than the official recommended solution for Enabling HTTP Secure HTTPS If that doesn't' work, you could also try my attempt at Forcing HTTPS and www/no-www in settings.php. Try Drupal 8 at
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Create a Drupal 8 module using the Drupal Console BeFused.
The Drupal Console can be used to generate a lot of the boilerplate code and files that you need to create Drupal 8 modules. Before we get started, lets take a moment to thank everyone who has been involved in making Drupal 8 and the Drupal Console.
How to quickly add SSL to your Drupal Site Drupal Aid.
See comparisons below.: Overall, achieving full site HTTPS using the code above is very easy and it appears to only add benefits to your sites security, your users security, your site's' speed one less module installed and your SEO. I would be interested to hear any arguments against not using it for your entire website. Leave your comments below. Bonus POODLE Exploit information, Yea! Recently Oct 2014, there was a major security vulnerability know as POODLE which effects SSL version 3 usage. While, SSLv3 is an outdated protocol, some people still might be using it. Here is an SSL Test tool to check your site/server to see if you are vulnerable to the issue. About the Author. Bob Kruse is the founder of Drupal Aid and a Drupal fanatic since 2008. He is also the creator of Cart Craze, an ecommerce website design gallery and Sick Journal, an online tool for keeping track of your family's' health, sicknesses, and medications. View the discussion thread. Protect Your Webforms From New Malware Injection Method. Enhancing CKEditor in Drupal 8.
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Director, FFW Center of Excellence. 3 questions to ask when evaluating an eCommerce solution https// digitalplatform https// A platform for community growth. YMCA of Dayton. Building a Drupal 8 platform for champions. A Global Platform for Design Education. Autodesk Design Academy.

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