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Changing Drupals Material Admin Experience.
And while Drupal 8 has brought a number of improvements to the administrator experience, its still not as elegant as Wordpress. With that in mind, the Drupal community has attempted to modernize the Drupal admin experience with the development of the Material Admin theme for Drupal.
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Drupal 7 Gigya Documentation Developers Guide. Drupal 7 Developers Guide Gigya Documentation.
Administrators may choose to create a role such as Gigya Editor, configure it with some or all of the Gigya permissions listed above, and assign the role to certain users. For more information, see Setting Up Admin Roles in the Using RaaS with Drupal page.
Drupal Admin UX Study: the Survey Results Are In! Evolving Web Blog.
Many self-ascribed content editors do site building and advanced admin tasks as well. A good reminder that the classic Drupal personas that we might have in mind, like site builder, content editor, and developer are probably too rigid. A lot of content editors do have full access to all the complexity of the Drupal admin UI.
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Récupérer le mot de passe admin d'un' site Drupal Drupal-Addict.
Give Récupérer le mot de passe admin d039un; site Drupal 1/5. Give Récupérer le mot de passe admin d039un; site Drupal 2/5. Give Récupérer le mot de passe admin d039un; site Drupal 3/5. Give Récupérer le mot de passe admin d039un; site Drupal 4/5.
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Home drupal-admin.com.
At Drupal Admin team, we often set up and fine tune servers for Drupal websites, so it was only natural for us to develop a routine that automates the related processes. We picked Ansible configurations management system for initial setups and further servers maintenance.
Five Drupal 8 Modules You Aren't' Using.
ADMIN UI HELPER MODULES. A new module in D8, Admin Toolbar, is based on an age-old concept in Drupal, dropdown menus for the administration of your website. Building upon the giant that is the D6 and D7 Administration Menu module, the Admin Toolbar module takes a lightweight and responsive swing at making your administrative experience a breeze.
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Common Drupal Problems Solutions Included Chromatic.
Whether you are a Drupal newcomer or a seasoned Drupal developer, you're' bound to run into one, some, or all of the issues outlined below. Some are obvious, some not so obvious, but we'll' show you how to troubleshoot them all regardless.
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Navigate Drupal admin faster with Coffee BeFused.
Navigate Drupal admin faster with Coffee. Drupal is a complex system. As such, there are a lot of admin and config options in the admin menu. Even when you know what you are doing, navigating it can be time consuming.
Drupal JavaScript Initiative: The Road to a Modern Administration UI Lullabot.
Having got the architectural foundations in place for our application, we then turned to the team working on redesigning the admin UI to collaborate more closely. One of the features we had already built into our application was the ability to fall-back to a regular Drupal theme if the user tried to access a route that hadn't' been implemented yet.
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