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How to try out AMP with Drupal Lullabot. newsletter-bot.
The AMP Theme project provides an AMP Base theme that takes care of converting some of the larger parts of the page into AMP. For Drupal 8, thats the html.html.twig, page.html.twig and node.html.twig templates; in Drupal 7, html.tpl.php, page.tpl.php, and node.tpl.php.
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Le format Accelerated Mobile Pages dans Drupal bluedrop, Agence web Drupal.
Une version beta du module AMP sur Drupal 8 est actuellement disponible, qui permet dajouter le support des pages AMP sur un site réalisé avec Drupal8. Pour Drupal 7, le module est en cours délaboration et sera disponible très prochainement.
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Simple AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages
// Disable NewRelic on AMP pages if preg_match'/amp/, _SERVER'REQUEST_URI' if function_exists'newrelic_disable_autorum' newrelic_disable_autorum.; Read blog post about this module: How to implement simple AMP support in Drupal 8. Maintainers monitor issues, but fast responses are not guaranteed. Module categories: Administration, Commerce/Advertising, Content, Content Display, Media, Theme Enhancements, Third-party Integration.
AMP Up Your Drupal Site Using Google's' AMP Vardot.
If you are a Drupal developer, AMP is a technology that you should definitely consider using. To make AMP adoption easier, Drupal has developed an AMP module to automatically convert regular pages into AMP pages. The rest of this article shows how to enable AMP support in the Drupal environment.
Launching Simple AMP Version for Drupal Website Reinis Fischer.
I won't' go much in technical details on how to setup AMP for Drupal if you need any help with that, contact me or drop a comment bellow, but here are two major obstacles I wasn't' able to validate AMP.:
Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP
The AMP module is designed to convert Drupal pages into pages that comply with the AMP standard. See links to documentation in the sidebar. 7.1 Original AMP functionality. 8.1 Original AMP functionality. 8.2 Original AMP functionality, but requires Metatag for metadata.
How to get started with Google AMP on Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 Inviqa. C21291DA-D6A2-44A7-A226-D6EA91BCDECF. AC2A24F6-E77D-4ADC-AAE4-4F3783737E58. 99982CF8-A814-433D-829D-1700641454CD. 0DC37B48-7EF6-43A3
This setup was simple and non-problematic when working on Inviqas website, and quickly enabled the AMP module, Composer Manager, and both the AMP theme and its sub-theme. Before you can start to fully customise the look of your page youll first need to configure Drupal to use the AMP module.
Speed Up Drupal Website with Google AMP in Five Steps.
And thats it, you have successfully enabled AMP on your Drupal site. Hope you found this tutorial useful if you are looking to make your Drupal website lightning fast here are 10 Tips To Speed Up Your Drupal Website. For any help in setting up AMP for your Drupal site, do leave a comment and I will get back to you.
Drupal et WordPress, premiers CMS à adopter Google AMP.
Wordpress et Drupal proposent leur extension compatible avec AMP. La récente prise en compte des pages AMP par Google et son moteur de recherche, va rapidement rendre ce standard incontournable pour les éditeurs qui y verront une opportunité pour améliorer leur fréquentation.

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